On The Grace Of Healing
by Father Walter J. Ciszek, S.J.

"Though being licked is a normal, daily experience with me, my deep desire to win the battle urges me on to struggle and to keep on struggling no matter what the cost. This is healing as I realize it, i.e., knowing how to live with your illness, and how to handle it sufficiently in every new situation that arises.

It's in the struggle that one receives every new enlightenments, insights, added courage and purpose to continue the struggle of life with firm faith in the final victory. In such struggle, we realize our own nothingness, never separated, however, from God's allness, and because of our conscious realization of God's love always present in us, the human spirit never relents in its efforts to fight to the end and to win the battle.

Every failure and licking we experience is not a defeat but an assurance of the truthfulness of our purpose, trusting and confiding in God's power, leading us to our end, in spite of how we feel or fail to how weak and unstable we prove ourselves to be.

Our weakness and instability sway us in all directions to experience the good and the bad we encounter. This fluctuation can bring us to the point of despair, even to anger at our own helplessness, yet not to the point of sin, though close to it, because in all this interior and mental turmoil and instability and fluctuation, there is something stable and unchanging in us bringing us always to the balance point and center after the swaying and fluctuation cease temporarily. That something stable and balanced in us is the peace of God's presence permeating our very being through and through, and constantly purifying us from all that stains our body and soul, to infuse in place of corruption a new life and love that changes us and lifts us above all that is sinful.

Such is the power of the love of God in us, integrating us into divine life and making us holy. Such is healing in its deepest meaning."

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