Fr. Walter Ciszek Writing Pads With Quotes

5½" x 8½"
$1.50 each

Four Different Quotes Available

God's will can be discerned by the fruits of the spirit it brings. Peace of Soul and joy of heart are two such signs when you pray for guidance trusting in Him alone.
I resolved again and again to accept each day and every moment as from God's hands, and to offer it back as best I could.
Each of us has no need to wonder what God's will must be for us. His will for us is clearly revealed in every situation of every day-if only we could learn to view all things as he sees them and sends them to us.
If we could constantly live in the realization that we are sons and daughters of a heavenly Father, that we are always in His sight and play in His creation, then all our thoughts and every action would be a prayer.

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