of Father Ciszek

  • Prayer is the power of God working way down. Be affected by him. What is Ignatian prayer? For the sake of others, the community, the apostolate; how is God revealing Himself to you?

  • Let God rule; be affected by Him. It is like being affected by TV. (contemplation) Learn the prayer of listening. With it comes unconcern, eternal wisdom, and a passive attitude with a total readiness to act.

  • The grace of surrender has to take affect like medicine. You'll know it has when you're not thinking about it.

  • Continue to be faithful in a simple and relaxed way to your prayer life and daily duties; the rest, the Lord will take care of.

  • Be affected by God; nothing of your own. Be totally open and attached to Him.

  • Have more reliance on God; it's a constant daily effort. Fear and worry should always be put in the context of prayer.

  • The spiritual life is the power of our ordinary daily active life.

  • The truly spiritual have a good appetite. It is the mystics who are in closest touch with reality because they are at one with it. They can touch God and find God at any given moment.

  • Stability comes from deep purification. The grass and the leaves do not feel the growth.

  • Permit God's power to work in you. People are attracted to this attitude.

  • Faith is like a dark tunnel: God gives us the Light to take one step at a time. The Light is not given to see the end of the tunnel.

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